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After Eden: Plus-Size Fashion History at NYFW

Eden Miller and models at the first plus-size fashion show in the official IMG tents at NYFW

Hot Topic‘s sister brand, Torrid, recently announced plans to show at New York Fashion Week — but drew criticism for incorrectly claiming that it would be the 1st plus-size brand to do so. Actually, Eden Miller’s Cabiria Style line was celebrated internationally for breaking that barrier back in 2013 during the Fashion Law Institute’s 3rd anniversary show in the official IMG tents at NYFW. We’re proud that some traditional brands have since followed suit, casting models of all sizes as part of a tend toward greater diversity of all types. The Fashion Law Institute thanks and congratulates Eden again — and welcomes Torrid to the runway.







Fashion Law Bootcamp

Fashion Law Bootcamp - New York and Silicon Valley

The Fashion Law Institute returns to Silicon Valley for an
in-depth look at fashion law and technology!


At the Fashion Law Institute, when we want to learn more about cutting-edge industry developments that we believe will have major business and legal implications, we go straight to the source. For this Fashion Law Bootcamp: Special Edition on fashion and technology, we'd like to bring you along with us.

From wearables and smart textiles to data security and the disruption of the retail landscape, innovations in technology and design are transforming the fashion industry. Fashion Law Bootcamp: Special Edition will give you an inside look at how the multi-billion-dollar fashion tech sector is creating new opportunities for lawyers, designers, and entrepreneurs. 

Fashion Law Bootcamp: Special Edition takes place from July 26-28, with classes at Levi's and The RealReal in San Francisco and Apple headquarters in Cupertino.  This advanced survey of cutting-edge issues in fashion law and tech will cover such topics as

  • intellectual property,
  • counterfeit detection,
  • licensing,
  • data security and privacy,
  • venture capital and fintech,
  • blockchain and trade,
  • wearables and health care,
  • M&A, search, and antitrust,
  • retail design, and 
  • social media marketing.

The program will start with a visit to Levi's on Wednesday afternoon, followed by a full day of classes on Thursday that includes a session at The RealReal and insights from other industry leaders. On Friday we'll travel to Cupertino, where Apple attorneys will join Professor Scafidi and other Fashion Law Institute faculty in discussing the emerging legal future of fashion tech.

As always, our series of Fashion Law Bootcamp intensive programs are eligible for CLE credit -- for the upcoming Special Edition, 12 California credits (60 minute-hours) and 14 New York credits (50-minute hours -- yes, time really does move faster in New York!). 

Space for this program is extremely limited and each Special Edition is different, so we encourage you to apply now! 


The brief application form is linked here. Completed applications are reviewed as they are received.


Law students: Up to 2.0 law school credits for the East Coast edition (if granted by your home institution; for additional information, please email
before applying).

Lawyers: Both newly admitted and experienced attorneys will receive a maximum of 28 transitional and non-transitional, professional practice New York State CLE credits, for the New York Edition, and for the West Coast edition, 12 classroom hours, California and 14 hours, New York.

Certificates of completion will be awarded to all participants at the conclusion of the program.

If you are not a U.S. citizen or legal resident and are in or will enter the U.S. as a non-immigrant, you may need a visa to attend Fashion Law Bootcamp. Please email us for more information.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Fashion Law Bootcamp, please email


West Coast: July 26-28, 2017
East Coast: May 29 - June 2, 2018

East Coast: $3,900
West Coast: $1,950
The fee includes all expenses associated with the program, including printed materials and special events.

A $500 deposit is due with the application for the East Coast edition or both Bootcamps; the deposit is $250 for just the West Coast edition. The deposit is applied toward the program cost and is non-refundable, unless not accepted into the program.

If you wish to pay online separately from your submitted application, please click one of the following options: deposit, balance after deposit, or payment in full.

If you would prefer to send a check or money order, please make it out to "Fashion Law Institute" and send it to the following address:

Fashion Law Institute
at Fordham Law School
150 W. 62nd Street
New York, NY 10023

Faces Off: Kendall + Kylie – Tupac – Biggie

For more on fashion law and IP, check out Fashion Law Bootcamp: Special Edition in Silicon Valley!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner sparked online outrage over their line of tees imposing their own faces and initials over images of such iconic musicians as Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. The sisters have apologized and the line has been withdrawn — in this Yahoo News article, Professor Scafidi explains why:

It’s possible to thread the needle of legally and culturally acceptable unauthorized use — but attempts to use celebrity images on apparel without permission more often wind up in a face plant.

Kendall Jenner apologies for controversial music t-shirts

Eponymous Lex: Legal Risks of Designer Names

Text: "The finest trademark lawyers in the world wear Joseph Abboud."

For more on fashion law and IP, check out Fashion Law Bootcamp: Special Edition in Silicon Valley!

Naming a brand after oneself is a longstanding tradition in the fashion world, but as a number of designers have learned this can be a risky enterprise. Professor Scafidi explains in this article on Quartz:

“Once your name is a corporate asset, then investors are going to want a piece of that corporate asset—or full ownership of that corporate asset—which is great as long as you and your investors are getting along,” Scafidi says. “But typically there will be some point at which you, the designer, and your investors part company, and that leaves you walking nameless into the night.”

For more on this issue, including the story behind Joseph Abboud’s quest to regain the right to use his own name, check out the whole article here.

About the Institute

Professor Susan Scafidi and Diane von Furstenberg

The Fashion Law Institute is the world’s first center dedicated to law and the business of fashion. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created with the generous support and advice of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and its president, Diane von Furstenberg, the Institute offers training for the fashion lawyers, business professionals, and designers of the future; provides legal services for design students and professionals; and provides thought leadership and practical assistance on issues facing the fashion industry.

Professor Susan Scafidi, who pioneered the study of fashion law, founded the Institute and serves as its academic director. She created the first Fashion Law course and is internationally recognized for her expertise and for defining the field. In addition, the Institute is supported by an advisory board including distinguished members of the fashion industry and the bar.

The Fashion Law Institute is headquartered at Fordham Law School, just across the street from Lincoln Center in New York City, and works with universities and other organizations across the country and around the world.

Alexa Chung interviews Professor Scafidi at her Fordham Law School office:

Curriculum & Faculty

In 2006, Professor Scafidi created the first law school course in fashion law, officially launching a new field of law. It took a law school administration that would risk adding this newly imagined course to its curriculum — and a place where students who’d read her pioneering blog on law and fashion design championed the course, faculty members supported it (as one said, “We have sports law. In fact, we have two sections of sports law. Why can’t we have fashion law?!”), and, to seal the deal, the then-dean’s spouse had spent years working at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Today, that original signature course has grown to seven fashion law-related courses. Each is the first of its kind, taught by experts in the field. These Fashion Law Institute courses are offered as part of the Fordham Law curriculum not only for J.D. students, but for students enrolled in the world’s first Master’s degree programs in Fashion Law: the LLM, for attorneys, and the MSL, which enables non-lawyers to gain invaluable legal knowledge and practical expertise.

In response to inquiries from attorneys, fashion industry professionals, and students from other law schools and design schools who wanted to study fashion law, the Fashion Law Institute also developed a unique Summer Intensive program, a.k.a. Fashion Law Bootcamp  — once again breaking new ground.


Fashion Modeling Law Professors Ali Grace Marquart (L) & Doreen Small


Fashion Law

Fashion Law & Finance

Fashion Ethics, Sustainability, & Development

Fashion Licensing

Fashion Modeling Law

Fashion Law Practicum

Fashion Retail Law


Professor Susan Scafidi
Founder & Academic Director
Fashion Law Institute
at Fordham Law School

Ewa Abrams
Vice President
Chief General Counsel
and Chief Privacy Officer
Tiffany & Co.

Peter Arnold
Chief Executive Officer
Cushnie et Ochs

Paula Barnes
Senior Counsel, Law Division

Angela Byun
Senior Director of Business Affairs
and International Licensing
Condé Nast

Ali Grace Marquart
Marquart & Small;
former Deputy General Counsel and
Director, Business & Legal Affairs
Wilhelmina International, Ltd.

Stanley G. Sherwood
Managing Partner
Sherwood Associates;
former International Tax Counsel,

Doreen Small
Marquart & Small;
former Vice President and General Counsel,
Ford Models, Inc.

Jeff Trexler, Esq.
Attorney / Associate Director
Fashion Law Institute

Brien Wassner
Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy

The Fashion Law Institute’s award-winning logo was designed by the globally renowned design firm Pentagram and has been featured in leading design media, such as the Communication Arts Design Annual (a trademark of the year, 2010 edition), Print 31st Design Annual, Adweek, Just Creative, and Michael Bierut’s How to.


Is Social Media the New Court of Law for Fashion Copycats?

Professor Scafidi:

“Most of the time, however, indie designers have little legal protection and instead have to appeal to social norms against copying,” said Fordham University law professor and fashion legal expert Susan Scafidi. “In other words, they have to try the case in the court of public opinion and hope that social pressure forces the alleged copyist to do the right thing.”

7 Signs You Are Buying A Counterfeit Product

Professor Scafidi joins Real Real authentication director (and Fashion Law Bootcamp alum!) Graham Wetzbarger in discussing how to identify fake fashion.

As sophisticated as counterfeiters may be in replicating high-demand products, there’s usually at least one giveaway if you look closely enough. Anything that looks sloppy, such as uneven stitching or sloppy edge dye, is a telltale sign of a fake, Scafidi says. Counterfeit products are designed to fool the eye — not the fingertips … .

War Paint

War Paint - CLE on Broadway!

War Paint and After-Show CLE Talkback - Special Registration
Price: $ 149.00
$ 0.00
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