Bootcamp is now on both coasts!

Welcome to Bootcamp – in original East Coast and specially tailored West Coast editions, thanks to our California partner, Levi Strauss & Co.! The Fashion Law Institute’s unique annual Summer Intensive Program, fondly known as Fashion Law Bootcamp®, is your opportunity to experience the newly defined field of fashion law outside of the regular law school curriculum.

Looking ahead to 2016, both editions of our 6th annual Fashion Law Bootcamp® will introduce you to the substance of style, with emphasis on current business and legal issues involving the global fashion industry.

New York:  Weekday evenings from May 24-June 3, 2016, exclusive of Memorial Day (May 30, 2016), on Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan.

San Francisco:  August 2016, dates TBA.

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet one another and the industry insiders who serve as program faculty at additional events including an opening reception and a closing dinner.

Bootcamp will explore diverse areas that affect the fashion industry and are at the heart of the Fashion Law Institute, including intellectual property, business and finance, international trade and government regulation, and consumer culture and civil rights. Within these categories, specific topics include the protection of fashion designs, counterfeiting, licensing agreements, fashion financing, garment district zoning, real estate, employment issues from designers to models, consumer protection, sustainability and green fashion, import/export regulations, sumptuary laws, and dress codes.

The program is run by Professor Susan Scafidi, Founder and Academic Director of the Institute, who pioneered the field of fashion law. She is the first professor to create a course in the area – covering the same material as Fashion Law Bootcamp – and is internationally recognized for her expertise. The program will also feature guest lecturers from the fashion industry.

Fashion Law Bootcamp is open to lawyers, fashion industry professionals, law students, and others in the U.S. and abroad who are interested in broadening their knowledge of the law and business of fashion. The program is an excellent way for fashion industry professionals to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the legal issues that they deal with on a regular basis, or for practicing lawyers to expand their current practice or even jump start a change in career. Individuals who have not yet had academic or practical exposure to the law and business of fashion, including design students and other undergraduates entering their final year of study, are eligible to apply but must have a demonstrated scholastic aptitude and willingness to take on the challenge of studying legal materials.


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