The Fashion Law Institute returns to Silicon Valley for an
in-depth look at fashion law and technology!


At the Fashion Law Institute, when we want to learn more about cutting-edge industry developments that we believe will have major business and legal implications, we go straight to the source. For this Fashion Law Bootcamp: Special Edition on fashion and technology, we'd like to bring you along with us.

From wearables and smart textiles to data security and the disruption of the retail landscape, innovations in technology and design are transforming the fashion industry. Fashion Law Bootcamp: Special Edition will give you an inside look at how the multi-billion-dollar fashion tech sector is creating new opportunities for lawyers, designers, and entrepreneurs. 

Fashion Law Bootcamp: Special Edition takes place from July 26-28, with classes at Levi's and The RealReal in San Francisco and Apple headquarters in Cupertino.  This advanced survey of cutting-edge issues in fashion law and tech will cover such topics as

  • intellectual property,
  • counterfeit detection,
  • licensing,
  • data security and privacy,
  • venture capital and fintech,
  • blockchain and trade,
  • wearables and health care,
  • M&A, search, and antitrust,
  • retail design, and 
  • social media marketing.

The program will start with a visit to Levi's on Wednesday afternoon, followed by a full day of classes on Thursday that includes a session at The RealReal and insights from other industry leaders. On Friday we'll travel to Cupertino, where Apple attorneys will join Professor Scafidi and other Fashion Law Institute faculty in discussing the emerging legal future of fashion tech.

As always, our series of Fashion Law Bootcamp intensive programs are eligible for CLE credit -- for the upcoming Special Edition, 12 California credits (60 minute-hours) and 14 New York credits (50-minute hours -- yes, time really does move faster in New York!). 

Space for this program is extremely limited and each Special Edition is different, so we encourage you to apply now! 

The brief application form is linked here. Completed applications are reviewed as they are received.


Law students: Up to 2.0 law school credits for the East Coast edition (if granted by your home institution; for additional information, please email before applying).

Lawyers: Both newly admitted and experienced attorneys will receive a maximum of 28 transitional and non-transitional, professional practice New York State CLE credits, for the New York Edition, and for the West Coast edition, 12 classroom hours, California and 14 hours, New York.

Certificates of completion will be awarded to all participants at the conclusion of the program.

If you are not a U.S. citizen or legal resident and are in or will enter the U.S. as a non-immigrant, you may need a visa to attend Fashion Law Bootcamp. Please email us for more information.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Fashion Law Bootcamp, please email


West Coast: July 26-28, 2017
East Coast: May 29 - June 2, 2018

East Coast: $3,900
West Coast: $1,950
The fee includes all expenses associated with the program, including printed materials and special events.

A $500 deposit is due with the application for the East Coast edition or both Bootcamps; the deposit is $250 for just the West Coast edition. The deposit is applied toward the program cost and is non-refundable, unless not accepted into the program.

If you wish to pay online separately from your submitted application, please click one of the following options: deposit, balance after deposit, or payment in full.

If you would prefer to send a check, money order, or wire transfer, please email us and we'll provide the requisite details!